Welcome to prometeo’s documentation!

This is prometeo, an experimental modeling tool for embedded high-performance computing. prometeo provides a domain specific language (DSL) based on a subset of the Python language that allows one to conveniently write scientific computing programs in a high-level language (Python itself) that can be transpiled to high-performance self-contained C code easily deployable on embedded devices.


  1. Python compatible syntax : prometeo is a DSL embedded into the Python language. prometeo programs can be executed from the Python interpreter.
  2. efficient : prometeo programs transpile to high-performance C code.
  3. statically typed : prometeo uses Python’s native type hints to strictly enforce static typing.
  4. deterministic memory usage : a specific program structure is required and enforced through static analysis. In this way prometeo transpiled programs have a guaranteed maximum heap usage.
  5. fast memory menagement : thanks to its static analysis, prometeo can avoid allocating and garbage-collecting memory, resulting in faster and safer execution.
  6. self-contained and embeddable : unlike other similar tools and languages, prometeo targets specifically embedded applications and programs written in prometeo transpile to self-contained C code that does not require linking against the Python run-time library.